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If you want folks to keep coming back to your Fastpitch web site you need to provide a reason. In the past you could use a mass email approach to get them to come back for a look. Unfortunately, email SPAM is causing folks to delete email erratically. Many folks simply change their email address. You simply can't get your tournament email or other Fastpitch messages to your customer base. What to do?

What we're doing is creating dynamic content for all of our web pages. We'll be keeping the static links that go directly to your web site. We hope you'll want to discuss how to make your web site more dynamic. And, we invite you to use some of our dynamic and interactive features.

A description and the instructions is being constructed in the table below. We're probably not going to spend a lot of time on this until you send me a personal email. are contained in the table below.
Bulletin Board We provide a Fastpitch forum for each state and a few special topics. Just copy the link and place it in your web page. <a href="">Bulletin Board</a>

Scoreboard We developed a rotating scoreboard that can provide a steady stream of current scores. You have to put a system in place to feed those scores otherwise no one will bother coming to your website to check the scores. With email from cell phones we can capture the information and update your scoreboard automatically. You simply have to be willing to commit to getting those scores entered in a timely fashion. Please click to send me a message
Your Email Address
if you want a dynamic scoreboard.

Dynamic News We build new content indexes just about every day. A "content index" is a set of links to categorized stories each about Fastpitch. We do all of this in an automated fashion since it would cost millions to provide the actual coverage and processing ourselves. We're able to do this in an automated fashion because search technology has evolved to the point that Fastpitch news stories across the country can be identified on a daily basis.

You ask, "does this mean every story?" The answer is NO, however, as newspapers and web sites become more cooperative we'll keep getting better. The first day we had the system in place we identified at least one Fastpitch story in sixteen states. We're at about 50% of states with at least one relatively current news item. We also provide a RSS news feed for national Fastpitch topics. And, we provide a method for you to add a link to your stories - such as upcoming tournaments or organization success stories.

Our RSS news feeds provide a data description written in XML language that provides links, title and descriptive information for Fastpitch stories. Just click on the RSS link you want in the column at the right of this page. Save the source of that relatively simple page and make whatever modifications you desire. Just don't change the portions we clearly identify. You'll quickly have added dynamic content to your Fastpitch web site.

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