Thanks for volunteering to be an editor. Our first attempt at using volunteer editors was less than successful. We've restructured the program a little and will be adding to the program over time. One thing we finally discovered is most editor volunteers were willing to visit their state page often, but they were reluctant to provide significant input. The opposite end of the spectrum existed for a small number of states. Arkansas did very well. Our proposed solution is contained below in the center section.
Sports Communicator
1. Start Sports

2. Enter your name
3. Enter email address
4. Enter a password
5. Choose your state
6. Choose Fastpitch as your sport

On the first menu select Roster Work and define a roster. After submit, go back to the first menu, select your roster and add yourself as a player.

First, register with Fastpitch Central using the Sports Communicator. After we turn on the editor flag in your authorization record of our database, you will be recognized as an editor when you click on the Tell Us hyperlink on your state page. Two things happen presently. First, any short remark you enter will be labeled as Editor. Second, editors may include hyperlinks to their personal Fastpitch articles stored on their ISP's website. Most ISP`s such as Earthlink for example, provide 5MB of personal web page space - that's alot of articles.

Anyone is encouraged to click on Tell Us on the state page. Only editors may include hyperlinks to their own articles. If you have trouble with your ISP send us an email and we'll try to help. Our proposed solution, write as much or as little as you like.

Volunteer Tasks
1. Check your state page periodically. If you see anything abnormal, wrong or not in good taste send us an email.
2. Setup a couple rosters (you can have four (4) per email address signon) in Sports Communicator. After setup, send a Roster Link to the entire team with a single click. You can also send the entire roster an email with a single click. Or, initiate an instant message session with the entire roster with a single click. We plan on adding a feature to send short text messages to cell phones soon.
3. Encourage your readers to visit your state page and add their comments.
4. Watch the list you're reading now grow over time.