When Fastpitch Central finds a great deal we'll bring it to the attention of Fastpitch teams. Here's an exclusive offer we've recently negotiated.

Free Computer for Favorite Fastpitch Gathering Places
Computer Upgrade USA-only deals

SMC Corporation has agreed to upgrade and ship computers for placement by non-profit organizations under special circumstances. The circumstances are as follows:

After we receive your request we will contact the small businesses with a computer upgrade offer as follows:

Do you want to give your employees faster computers, get a tax writeoff for your company and help a youth Fastpitch organization local to your area? If so here's the deal.
  • Send us three slow but working computer systems (do not send monitors, keyboards, mouse, etc.) and a $999 check
  • All three computers will be upgraded to a minimum Intel 566Mhz Celeron CPU, a new mainboard and 64MB memory
  • Two computers will be returned to you
  • The third computer will be donated to a local youth Fastpitch organization in your area for placement at a secure public gathering place of their choosing
  • That non-profit Fastpitch organization will provide you a donation letter for your tax purposes.
You buy happiness for your employees, the Fastpitch organization and yourself at Tax time. What a deal!

Please complete the information collection form and we will contact you via email with our progress or questions.

Computer Request Collection Form

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Please check spelling and all entries before you submit your request. However, if you do discover an error please use the BACK button on your browser and resubmit the form with the corrections TODAY.