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Let me tell you. Tournament listings are a wild-west show. Even the information provided by official sources is suspect. Anyway, with your cooperation, this page will contain Girl's "A" and "Open" local tournaments information. Where we haven't found an official source we provide an unofficial source. Please remember that schedule information is very fluid. There are no guarantees that the information will be correct or complete. Over time as we find official sources we will add that information. If you encounter an official web site for those tournaments in question - please send email to correct that problem - thanks. Thank You!

Here's the deal. You tell us about one local tournament you know about and we'll tell you about all the local tournaments in your area we've learned so far. A deal?

OK, I understand. Each season the earlybird will be feeding the database more than receiving. But, hopefully this will be a more sustainable system than previous years. If you've noticed less consolidated listings that's the reason.

So, if you decide to cooperate this just might work. But, if you don't, I'll just keep looking for other methods.

State Director / Host
Tournament Name
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