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.Coach, click here to register or vote.
.Results will appear on state pages.
Coaches, we want to know the teams you think are tops in your state. Please register your team and yourself. When the voting gets started we'll notify you with an email each weekend and the polls will close at Monday after 8:00PM.

While your vote is private to the viewing public it will be open and subject to review by our staff. If we feel that you're stacking the vote you'll be contacted.

For example, suppose on any given Sunday one of five teams wins "A" tournaments in your state. One of the coaches consistently ranks his team at the top and votes for other teams. But, none of the top ten teams he votes for include any of the other four teams. Obviously the coach is being unfair.

We considered excluding the coaches own team from the vote. However, that is another form of manipulation. We simply want the coach to honestly provide their opinion. If we see that a coach consistently votes his team as the top team regardless of tournament results, then that coach will be chided in an email as well.

Assuming this voting system works in your state, feel free to use the results near the end of the season. Some state tournament directors have been known to stack top teams in one side of the state ASA winner bracket and less quality teams in another side of the winner's bracket. You have to protest a lopsided bracket long before the tournament starts.