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November 2003
Howdy! Welcome to the updated Fastpitch Central web site. Please let us know how we're doing.

Fastpitch Central now provides dynamic News additions on a daily basis. This happens without our viewers help. One thing we've discovered is our viewers expect websites to be free. But, if you get upset because you see other teams covered but not your own - well, we've provided a method if you're really interested in fixing that problem. Either way, read the news, hang around the Bulletin Board covering Fastpitch in your state, add your two-cents to the Bulletin Board and tell us what you think in the Guestbook.

Coverage relies upon participating Newspapers around the country. If you see lots of coverage in one County and none in another, it's because one County's newspaper provides better online service than another. Watch for features that will make it easy for you to complain to selected newspapers.

Sport organizations in Baseball, Fastpitch, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and schools in general have discovered our magnet products are great fundraisers. We'll give you a good price so give us a try. Also, over time we'll be adding better focused ads. And, if you run a business and want to own a category on one or more of our web pages, please make me an offer. Even Fastpitch organizations can be exclusive buyers - but that will cost you a little more!

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September 2001
Howdy! Welcome to the updated Fastpitch Central web site. Few listened when in December I said, "If you choose to visit advertiser sites then Fastpitch Central will keep getting better." Therefore, I can't really show you all the neat stuff we eventually hope to build. Our major focus is to add features which we believe will create additional traffic to Fastpitch Central. So, please use Fastpitch Central, and return again and again to, the Sports Communicator. It is an application toolbox for roster communications. Send us email concerning new features you would like to see.

And, most importantly please think about using Fastpitch Central as a starting point for your visits on the internet. We offer thousands of links. And, if you can't find a link that fits your needs, try using our links to GoTo - every 2-cent click-through counts.

Click to see the new features being introduced now or already in development.

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December 2000
Howdy! Welcome to the Fastpitch Central web site. Someone selling a magazine used to have this web site name. We have no connection to those folks, but we wish the best for all those associated with the fine sport of Fastpitch.

From a historical perspective the term 'softball' is unavoidable. There is nothing soft about a softball. Often the boys of summer don't know that fact. (Of course they haven't known the pain of bringing that boy into the world either.) All Mom's owe it to the Fastpitch world to tell them 'softballs' are twice as hard as 'hardballs (baseballs)'.

On the Fastpitch Central web site we will embed such issues. However, we will leave it to other forums to expound upon those issues. Actually Fastpitch Central evolved because my wife and I were constantly looking for specific Fastpitch information and Yahoo! searches were getting old and repetitive. I wanted to return to different Fastpitch topics more quickly. Now, I want to see if such a site is commercially useful as well.

To that end, Fastpitch Central has been designed to serve as an index to useful and interesting Fastpitch sites we've discovered. We're also going to add pages where we feel the subject has not been covered sufficiently. If you choose to visit advertiser sites then Fastpitch Central will keep getting better. If not, well at least my wife is happy!

If Fastpitch Central is useful to you please add it to your browsers favorites list. Better yet, why not configure your browser to have Fastpitch Central as your home page!

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