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Fastpitch Central needs some help to become a premier Fastpitch site on the information highway. Whether you want to contribute a little or a lot please know that the folks at Fastpitch Central appreciate your efforts.

Content AuthorsAny Fastpitch author should publish their own page on the internet. Fastpitch Central is willing to host such material if the author does not have a permanent web site of their own.the author retains full editorial control over the materials. Fastpitch Central may choose to discontinue reference of those materials at any time for any reason.
Link RecommendationsWe're always looking for new links and new content for Fastpitch Central. Please use the 'suggestions' email to provide your recommendationsrecommendations may be accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of Fastpitch Central.
State VolunteerAll openings are for volunteers at this time. We're looking for one to five ( 1 to 5) volunteers in each state to report on Fastpitch around the State. We're particularly interested in the progress of the top five teams in each age group. soon we will have a form to demonstrate the type of information to be collected.
Subject EditorsVolunteers in this area will be responsible for adding links, collecting / creating new material and reviewing existing link materials for completeness and accuracy.
Computer GurusVolunteers in this area will look for opportunities to place donated computer equipment at Fastpitch parks. We would like to collect scores and stream some games as well. Just about every major city has an organization willing to donate or sell used gear cheap as long as you can use the non-profit organizations number.more exposure for the sport is the goal
ReportersIn the future we will be contacting the sanctioning organizations about Press Passes. Hopefully they will be willing to sacrifice a little revenue for the increased exposure. All volunteers will be considered reporters for pass purposes, however, the number per State will be limited.more exposure for the sport is the goal
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