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In this Internet World it is to your advantage to remain connected to your customers. Your customers will visit our Fastpitch Central site - because it has become the first place to look for the answers to their Fastpitch questions.

They will see your advertisement each time they visit. More importantly, we will tell them via email messages that you appreciate their business and want more of their business.

Fastpitch Central can send email messages targeted towards teams in the the city, state and club area that you would like to influence. We can include teams playing Baseball and Slowpitch with targeted messages as well.

Your banner advertisement can link to your own web site or we can build a web site for you. Some of our deals include a computer for you to use as an in-store display as long as you're an advertiser.

Please send email to reserve a specific location on our web site. Fastpitch Central is the place to be to deliver your message to your Fastpitch folks in your local community or the world.