Advertisers, our website traffic grows every day. With recent new additions we'll grow even faster.

We don't like current banner programs for a couple reasons. First, we haven't had the control we want since banner vendors have added popup features that are irritating to say the least. Second, you never know who your neighbors might be. You could end up with a competitor right next door.

We're changing all that. Just select the page or pages you want and tell me how much it's worth to you for a year. (If you don't want to bid, the price I'm currently quoting is $35 a year.)

We'll guarantee your space for a year and we'll make sure there are no competitors on the pages you buy. Don't bid too high because we'll probably offer you that same exclusive price for future years as well. We want you to be long-term family.

Please send me an email. Just fill in your message below.