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200 Barns

The 200 Barns project has a goal of providing an environmentally controlled practice facility for Fastpitch players, coaches and instructors in at least 200 facilities around the country. Facility reservations will be handled over the internet exclusively to assure wide availability. Other guidelines will assure that qualified instructors will want to use the facility on a permanent basis.

Questions and Answers
Is This A Contest?No. The "200 Barns" project is an integral part of our business plan. Fastpitch needs to grow and we want to provide the best long-term environment for that growth.
Has the first location been selected?Yes. We're focused on a location in Woodstock, Georgia. However, all plans are subject to change.
Has the second location been selected?No. If you've got any ideas please email your suggestion. Provide contact information and details of the associated park. Also send a statement indicating that land is already acquired for the building in or adjacent to the associated park.
Do you pay for the entire building?No. Our intention is to limit funds to any individual building to a maximum of $50,000. The organization responsible for continuing operation of the building is responsible for funding the entire effort.
Where does the $50,000 come from?Well, this isn't a charity. We are soliciting funds via this web site and we will be soliciting funds from various companies and organizations who will benefit from this type facility.
What type companies will benefit from these facilities?Sporting goods manufacturers and retailers, batting and pitching speciality gear manufacturers, national and local photography suppliers, and other vendors who would benefit from an indoor practice and training facility for pitchers, hitters and defense.
How will the companies benefit?The neverending pursuit of excellence is why parents pay for pitching and hitting lessons and practice time. The vendors simply benefit because these parents are substantial consumers of products and services these companies sell.
How can I help?Check back here for further details. We're still in the process of establishing accounts and materials. Right now talk about the program and show them our web site.